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Why we created the 'Start Up' pack

We know it's tough to start up, and even tougher to start up right.

We are constantly faced with practitioners who purchased some ‘micro firm’ practice management system that cost and promised them too much and delivered very little. We are sad when we have to say, that we can’t extract their data, because the provider they chose keeps it locked down, or forces documents to be extracted manually one by one. Some of these guys can’t get to or don’t own their own data!

We know that you will usually find us when you are 5 or 10 in size, and that we will do our best to rescue you, and you will finally relax and wish you had found us in the beginning, you’ll grow with us.

In early 2015 we decided that we just couldn’t let any more firms jump into inferior products.

We understood that the budget was tight in the beginning which is why we created the 'Start Up Pack'. This allows us to put you into a better quality of product from day one, a better system that would grow with you, that you would never have to leave. You wouldn’t have to leave data behind, and you wouldn't have to pay for training twice. Ultimately you would save money, and as a happier client using superior software you would be a lot more fun to have on our team.

We know it takes a year for clients that come from bad packages to trust us. It’s a tough year. But in the end they smile, relax and realise this time they made the right decision. You may have heard about us from one of them. They get pretty passionate about recommending us, which is a great feeling for us.


You are taking a big step, putting it all out on the line.

You want to make sure that you start right from the beginning, at the same time you are mindful, that you need to take care with your budget.

You know you can give a top notch service, and you want a top notch system from the start.

Who is eligible?

You must be starting up a new firm, not converting data from another package.

Payments and contracts

We know you have lots of upfront expenses, so please talk to us about our no finance payment terms.

We aren't interested in keeping you ‘locked in’ due to finance or 3 year contracts.

We are interested in keeping you because of our service.

You'll be free to leave at any time; you’ll stay because we earn it.

How much time should I budget

It will take 2 days to learn enough to be proficient and self-sufficient.

Ongoing budget

We anticipate that you will charge the cost of the file to the client, which means minimal ongoing costs to you. We're happy to chat about how the 'FilePro Electronic File Fee' works for you and your clients.

Contact Kelly Mills on 07 3040 3036 or email from our contact page

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