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Established in 1997 as a partnership and forged as a private company in 2000, Law Support Australia holds significant ties and networks within the Legal and Accounting Markets both in Australia and in the Pacific.

Law Support Australia has supplied, serviced, designed and supported software since its inception. Law Support Australia culminates an expanse of knowledge that will help any firm handle the future of IT.

From accounting, to documents, and workflow to paperless case management, Law Support is your partner of knowledge in your next firm IT decision.


If you are anything like us, you want to be able to talk to the owner of the business, and to deal with a team who knows who you and your staff are, and how you do things. They need to understand your industry and how you fit into it, and that it’s not just one key person but a whole Team.

When you clicked on our page you likely did so because you heard about us from another firm or an opinion that you trust. That happened because we earned it, we spend our time and effort on good service. We are careful and conscientious about our promises and our reputation. With Law Support, you and your team will build a relationship with the people that you talk to from the first demonstration, to the trainers, and techs who do the install, as every one of these people is available on support desk. Simply pick up the phone and get your answer without wasting time. You won’t be put on hold or wait in a queue.

"You won't be put on hold or wait in a queue"


We are so confident that you will be happy with us, that we can say ‘love us or leave us’ any time, no contract, no time limit, no small print. We offer a package in the beginning that encumbers all of the things that you will need to start off correctly with new Legal Practice Management software. We don’t work on the ethos, ‘get them in the door’ then hit them with additions. We know what it takes to start right, and we quote for everything you will need to change effectively.

Nothing sours a relationship faster, than hidden unknown costs, or over promising and under delivering. Ask some of our clients who have been with us for 15 years. They have been with us longer than some of our competitors have been in business.

Standing the test of time with you will be about:

  1. Service
  2. Listening
  3. Features

Maybe even in that order... It doesn’t matter though we are equally good at all three. ☺

If you’d like to meet us please telephone us on 07 30403036 Kelly or Deborah can handle your initial enquiries.

If you are looking at new software then check out our blog article Start Right!



Design your path to a stress free workplace.

Auto Billing and Time Management

Time sheet giants and fixed cost legend, however you work we can work with you. Batch bill it, auto bill it, auto transfer it, BPAY, DEFT.

Document Management (DMS)

Your documents are never lost, sort, search, review, and control your versions and drafts.

Practice Management

Access interactive practice management information that's easy to understand in real time.

Document Assembly

There is a quality in our documents that you won't find anywhere else. Quickly create customised documents, forms or contracts pre-filled with client data.

Legal General & Trust Accounting

Use legal specific general accounting software. Warning and check points that will blow you away. Compliance, simplicity, assurance... Your clients money protected.

Our Dream Team
Kelly Mills
Kelly Mills
Deborah Bailey
Deborah Bailey
General Manager
Jonathan Tecson
Jonathan Tecson
Development and Support
Dean Graham
Dean Graham
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