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We offer different options for gaining hands on experience with your FilePro practice management software. If your team is thrown in the deep end without proper training, your firm won’t be able to achieve maximum productivity of the program.

For new clients, we conduct our training at the same time of implementation, reducing your down time to a bare minimum.


For existing clients, we hold monthly training sessions so you can send along new employees and/or existing employees to brush up on their skills and learn about the new features constantly being added to the program.

As a client of Law Support, you will benefit from:

  • Our expertise within the IT and Legal Industry. We know what we are talking about. We have been in this industry for a combined total of 40+ years and we aren’t afraid to share our knowledge with you.
  • Learning from one of our talented trainers helping you to achieve operational excellence from day dot.
In-house Training

Law Support has a fully equipped training centre which can fit up to 10 clients + the one of our talented trainers. Each client has their very own lap top to use along with user manuals to keep for future reference.

Online Training

Are you overseas or far away? We can train you online via webcam and team viewer. User manuals are emailed to you in softcopy form.

Onsite Training

If you would prefer to have training in your office, we can come to you with our mobile training room. You only need to supply a work area where we can all fit comfortably.


We are in the process of creating some informative webinars. Watch this space!

FilePro Basic Training

A moderate paced course, suitable for all team members at any technical level.

Attendees learn to navigate FilePro and are given a chance with professional trainers to familiarise themselves with the best practice use of the software, utilising time saving features from day one.

FilePro basics including time or fixed cost entry, file navigation, document production and file management are the key focus in this course.

Attendance to this course by all staff and future staff ensures continuity of procedure within your Firm for FilePro, which converts to trusted data, and reliable documents and accounts.

Team members who are trained in this course report having a sense of understanding, they felt at ease and excited to get started within the FilePro System.

FilePro Accounts Management Training

FilePro Accounts Management Training

A building block style course intended to give the accounts staff hands on experience in data entry, end of month, and report balancing.

The accounts management training course is a minimum requirement for any staff member that will be completing the firms day to day processing of transactions.

Basic understanding of legal rules and accounting procedures is helpful prior to attendance, but regardless the trainers do cover basic General and Trust accounting rules along with best practice procedures. This is to ensure that all FilePro accounts staff have a minimum level of understanding of their responsibility for client monies, and the rules therewith.

Combination Courses

Basic & Template Creation and Management Joint Course

Basic & Accounts Management Joint Course

FilePro Template Creation and Management Training

A technical course intended for those with a strong word back ground.

Attendees learn to create and maintain templates, with appropriate word coding and use of data merge fields, to create continuity and increased productivity for their firms

A minimum of 1 staff member in any firm should always be trained in this course to maintain templates within the firm.

Firms with more than 10 users should consider 2 staff members being trained in this area, especially if a lot of the firm’s own intellectual property templates need to be integrated to FilePro. These are documents that are specific to the firm, above and beyond the vast array of legal industry templates available from Law Support, which are maintained by our office across many regions.

Team members, who are trained in this course, have a higher level of understanding of the FilePro operations.

FilePro Workflow Course

Attendees to this course should have a solid understanding of FilePro accounts, document management and template creation. Users at this level will then be ready to join these features to create a customised task driven workflow.

This awesome tool can be utilised after this informative training course as the users will receive guidance on protocols to first creating a set of agreed parameters for each file type within the firm.

This course concentrates on the FilePro workflow tools, which any user confident in FilePro and Windows will feel at ease creating and managing the firm’s own customised workflows. All without the assistance of programmers!

Attendees of this course will bring to your firm the flexibility to create a superior level of tracking, and reminders to suit your business practices. Keeping this in house reduces your costs and ensures your system is maintained and poignant 24/7.

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