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Document Assembly
Quickly create customised documents, forms or contracts prefilled with client data
document assembly

Outsource your precedents

If you don’t have the time to maintain your own precedents, we can supply pre-configured templates for any Australian state for inclusion in FilePro. You’ll receive fully maintained state document sets for family law, conveyancing, court forms and probate.

More productive matters

You’ll spend less time performing mundane tasks with FilePro. Information from your client file or other interested parties can be used to create letters, documents, forms, contracts and even draft emails. Then, all created files are stored on FilePro.

Maintain your own precedents

You can build on your firm’s intellectual property and knowledge base with FilePro. You can store and manage precedents with extended descriptions and matter categories – ensuring precedents are applicable to the type of law you’re working on.

Practice Management
Access interactive practice management information that’s easy to understand – in real time
practice management

All your data under one roof

Your business is more transparent with FilePro. By integrating all your data on the one platform, you can uncover hidden insights – from a client with an unusually low profit margin to a hard-working fee earner. Put simply, having all your data in one place helps you see the big picture and the little details.

Customise and share reports

Your data is easy to analyse with FilePro’s interactive management dashboard – you can modify reports or export raw data for use in Excel. As our partners discover new ways to use FilePro, we build new management reports for them to use.

Keep it simple

Sharing information is key to productivity. Why wait for accounting to produce reports and statements when they are available for all staff at the click of a button?

Document Management
Capture, store and manage all the data associated with your matters
document management

Never lose a file again

There’s nothing more frustrating or time consuming than searching for a missing file. You can associate any type of file to your matters – from text documents to audio files. As well as this, any document created within FilePro is automatically associated to the relevant matter.

Sort and search your files

Large matters can have hundreds (if not thousands) of associated files. You can easily manage your files with FilePro’s intelligent search. Plus, version control and bulk import/export functionality will ensure your firm stays on top of complicated matters.

Capture correspondence

You can save your emails and attachments at the touch of a button with Microsoft Outlook integration. Your email data is automatically backed up in FilePro, meaning you’ll have access even after your email database is archived.

Customisable client information

Everything you need to know about your client is automatically attached to their matter. Every time you create a document within FilePro, client information is automatically generated for letters, emails, contacts and more. You can also create and customise your own client variables – such as a birthday, last contact log or even business targets.

Time and Auto Billing
Automatically capture practice costs and make them immediately available for billing
document management

Don’t miss a minute

What would it mean for your firm if every fee earner could capture one extra hour every week? Every moment you spend on a matter is automatically captured by FilePro. Starting with the cost of FilePro, all costs immediately flow into billing. You can capture time via stopwatch or the traditional timesheet method. Plus you can automatically import costs through third-party software such as Softlog or Infotrack.

Stay on budget

Debtor days can have a direct affect on your profit and cashflow. Automatic billing not only ensures your clients can access fully itemised invoices, but you’ll receive a credit warning for old debtors or as you approach and exceed your client cost agreement – in real time.

Automatic invoices

Your time is automatically converted to an invoice with itemised accounts and file notes in the document register of your client’s file.

On the road

Don’t miss a billable minute thanks to our easy to use live time App. You can capture time on your smart device with a single tap and it is automatically added to your FilePro timesheets.

Design your path to a stress free workplace

Routine Matters

Some matters follow a set routine and take a fixed amount of time, or have the same general routine and documents. You can pre-schedule tasks and auto generate documents with FilePro. If unexpected work occurs or time limits change you an easily update your workflow to reflect the new deadlines.

Track Events and Staff

Auto created checklists and tasks so that you and your staff know where each Matter is at a glance.

Outlook integration

By integrating with emails, calendars and tasks, activity in FilePro can be tracked on your mobile device.

Complete general and trust accounting without specialised staff (or an accounting degree)

General accounting

There’s no need for external accounting software – FilePro intuitively manages everything from cheques, transfers and receipts to reconciliation and revenue reporting. You can view balance reports or compare financial performance to budgets or previous time periods. As well as this, transactions are instantly reflected on client’s matters, reports and statements.

Trust accounting

You can easily administer trust within FilePro’s fully auditable system. Bank reconciliations are simple to complete with no downtime or stop-and-go processing and transactions are instantly reflected on client’s matters, reports and statements. Plus, you can automatically reconcile your interest on all controlled accounts held with Macquarie Bank, simply by downloading one file a month – saving you time and minimising the risk of error.

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