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June 2017 by Deborah Bailey
Bringing in the clients
Most business owners/managers know how vital it is to consistently secure new clients.
You can be awesome at what you do. The best! Top of the class! But if prospective clients don’t know how awesome you are, how can you expect they come knocking down your door instead of another?
Below are a few key questions that you must answer YES to which will help in your ability to attain new clientele:
  1. Are you passionate about what you do?
  2. Are you confident in your skills and expertise?
  3. Do you act with honesty and integrity?
If you cannot say yes to all 3, go and sit under a tree for a while and think about whether you are in the right field of work.
Further to the above, it is of paramount importance to have the capability to demonstrate WHY you are the best person for the job.
  • What sets you apart from your competitors?
  • Why would you choose you if you were in the prospective clients shoes?
Answer these 2 questions and success is just around the corner!
So, you have done the ground work, answered the million dollar questions and now you need to take action.
  • Market yourself within your industry.
  • Network! Go to functions, seminars, symposiums, ask colleagues out for coffee to discuss the possibility of cross referrals.
  • Hold your own events - information nights, Q&A breakfasts, online podcasts.
  • Increase your online presence by writing articles/blogs on Linked In, You Tube, your company website.
  • Stay in touch with ‘cold’ leads (don’t harass them though).
You need to get your name and reputation known and respected within your specific demographic.
BUT.... And it’s a biggie.... Be very mindful that you don’t spend all of your time seeking out new clients, leaving your existing clients to flounder about.
All too often companies spend oodles of time and money on flashy marketing to attract new clients, yet the time and/or money dries up when it comes to the resources required for keeping current clients satisfied.
One of the best ways to bring new clients through the door is to keep your existing clients happy. Referrals from your clients prove that you are doing something right, and what a confidence boost. Plus you can save on marketing because you have your client base willingly doing this for you when they are out and about with their peers and colleagues.
Who better to promote you than your very own clients?
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