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April 2017 by Deborah Bailey
It’s a given that all businesses need to have their data backed up regularly whether it be fortnightly, weekly, daily or hourly. Yes, hourly for some.
We often suggest to our clients they set their backups to be performed just prior to the point where they would want to throttle the person closest to them because they have to re-enter lost data. For some it could be a day, a week, for others it could be mere hours.
Stop and think for a second:
  • How much lost data would you be willing to re-enter?
  • How much down time and loss of productivity for yourself and/or your staff are you ‘okay’ with (meaning - no heinous thoughts entering your mind, you are frustrated of course but not yet homicidal)?
Once you have determined this time frame you should be arranging for your backups to fall within same.
One issue that we have seen and which is really concerning (hence the reason for this article) is quite often businesses blindly assume the backup is working. Computer says “back up complete” or “successful” so it must have worked, right? Unfortunately the answer is no, not always.
How often?
Every now and again your backup should be loaded and tested to ensure all of your data is being captured successfully. Similar to a fire drill, you practise the evacuation procedure when there is no fire to ensure it works - you don’t want to be hoping for safe evacuation while the building is burning. And you don’t want to revert to back up post data corruption only to find they haven’t been successful for 1 week, 2 months or 3 years.
This is particularly important for Law firms, given this industry is moving towards a paperless environment and legislation requires that you retain matter records for 7 years.
So before the worst case scenario happens, check to ensure your backups are being routinely tested. Having peace of mind that your important data is safely stored away is a wonderful feeling, some would even say, priceless.
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